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Providing Quality Service

Most installations are completed within 1-2 days, meaning less inconvenience for you, your family and your schedule.

Our guarantee of quality service covers many aspects of how we treat you and your property. We are old enough to understand ‘good old-fashioned service’, we recognise this by always turning up for an appointment on time.

A big part of our service is listening, answering and advising our potential clients. Understanding the science of fenestration thermal efficiency can be a time consuming task.

We openly answer any direct questions put to us. Additionally, we suggest a number of helpful, easy to understand websites and YouTube videos that are great at explaining what really matters when it comes to making your windows more energy-efficient.

We believe that this approach and level of service can only assist the consumer in becoming more informed and therefore having a credible understanding of the ‘science’ and ‘cost’ before they make a final decision.

This is why we do not ask our potential customers to make a decision at the time of the ‘obligation free measure and quote’. Putting a potential customer on the spot to decide to proceed is simply not in their best interest.

We recommend that people take at least a few days to weigh up all their options before proceeding. We also encourage lots of questions if they aren’t sure. We try and reference independent and credible sources like AWA, WERS, and the Smart Glazing website published by the Federal government in association and input from the AWA.


About Retrofit Double-glazing

Many people don’t know that Retrofit Double-glazing is far superior than new regular double-glazing, both thermally and acoustically, yet only a third of the cost of regular double-glazing.

Both the Federal and State Governments, along with the Australian Windows Associations and the Window Energy Rating Scheme are actively informing the Australian public of the latest high performance energy-efficient windows.

We sincerely want the public to become more educated and aware of their options to achieving a high standard of thermal window performance. Many are simply not aware yet of all the advances in Retrofit Double-glazing.


Custom Installation