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Including our Warranty Wording, Care Advice, and How to Calculate the Price

There are six colours to choose from; white, black, primrose, teak, brown and beige. These six colours are the standard window industry colours. For uncoloured aluminium windows, we recommend choosing the same colour as the window reveal.

No, our double-glaze system blends in so well because we manufacture it to match your current window’s configuration and colour.
  • subframefitted
    The subframe fitted before
    the double-glazing
  • afterfiitting
    The double-glaze compliments
    the existing window
  • beforefitting
    Before fitting
  • doubleglaze
    After fitting
  • A system fitted with vertical blinds
    A system fitted with vertical blinds
  • In most cases no. If you have curtains no changes needed.

    For blinds or venetians, they may have to be moved slightly forward if they are inside the window reveal, usually between 1cm to 2cm, to allow sufficient space for the additional glaze and the air gap.

Yes, all of our double-glaze windows are removable (they are held in place by magnetic seals all round). For most aluminium and timber window configurations we install an aluminium track inside the window reveal which allows you to move the double-glaze window to one side and ‘Park’ it there so you can open your existing windows as normal.

Yes, in accordance with our Australian Windows Association and the Window Energy Rating Scheme memberships, we offer a 7-year warranty period on all materials, parts and workmanship. Please read our full warranty disclosure and care advice at the bottom of this page.

We accept cash, Visa and Mastercard. For your convenience, you are welcome to use our wireless EFTPOS terminal for either debit or credit card transactions (provided there is Telstra mobile reception at the installation location).

When you decide to go ahead, we require a non-refundable part-payment equal to 20% of our written quote to show us you are fair dinkum and truly want to proceed. Upon receipt of the part-payment we will start to manufacture your secondary-glaze system(s). The balance of payment needs to be made on the same day as full installation is completed. It usually takes 2 to 3 weeks for us to manufacture your window system(s) ready for installation, once you give us the go ahead.

Calculating the price is fairly straight forward. The cost for every square metre of double-glazing we install is $295.
The easiest way is to calulate each window’s square meterage first, then simply add up all of the your window’s square meterage calculations together for the total amount of square meterage required. Then multiply that total by $295 to arrive at a total cost. Please see our example below.

Step 1 – Calulate each window’s square meterage (all measurement are taken from reveal to reveal), this is done by multiplying the width of the window by the height of the window.

Window #1 measures 1.2m wide x 1.5m high = 1.80 square metres (sqm)
Window #2 measures 1.4m wide x 1.2m high = 1.68 square metres (sqm)
Window #3 measures 1.5m wide x 1.5m high = 2.25 square metres (sqm)

Step 2 – Add all of these together
1.80sqm (window #1)
1.68sqm (window #2)
2.25sqm (window #3)
Total amount of square materage= 5.73 sqm

Step 3 – Multiply 5.73 x $295 = $1690.35 total cost

These calculations will pretty much let you know how much it will cost before you ask us for a ‘free measure and quote’. We of course we will do our own measurements and check them against your’s to make sure we’re ‘on the same page’ so to speak with your calulations and the cost.

Retrofit vs traditional double glazing

Additional IGUs range from approx. $700 to $1500 per square metre

(the removal of your existing windows- usually disposed of as landfill, then the installation of the new windows)

  • Traditional IGU Cost
  • Retrofit Cost
  • Total Estimated Savings
  • SQM
  • SQM



Our warranty is limited to repair or replacement of defective materials or parts in All Seasons’ retrofit double-glazing Window System, and, repair of faulty workmanship in the installation of All Seasons’ retrofit double-glazing Window System.

The period of this warranty is 7-years, commencing from the original installation date.

Our Warranty is in addition to all other rights and remedies in respect of our product to which you are entitled under the Trade Practices Act and similar State and Territory laws.

The warranty may be made void if the window system has been mishandled, misused, mistreated or altered or worked on by any other person, other than an employee of All Seasons Thermal Windows, ACT.


Do not clean the acrylic panels with any ammonia products, such as Windex or any other similar glass-cleaning products. The ammonia, in some cases, may cause the panel to become cloudy in appearance.

Do not use abrasive cloths, scours, sponges, etc. to clean the panels
Do not use razor scrapers or any other tool to clean the panels as they will scratch the panels

Do not return the secondary-glaze panel to its installed position WHILE your existing window is OPEN. A strong gust of wind could break the magnetic seals and dislodge the panel

Panels should only be cleaned using quality acrylic spray-can cleaners (we recommend VuPlex- available from large Hardware stores such as Bunnings) or good old fashioned warm soapy water does just as good a job. Use micro-fibre cloths or soft sponges that won’t scratch the panels (just like you’d do when washing your car)

All seasons Secondary Window systems are designed for internal use only. The panels should never be left outside, immersed in water or hosed down, as water damage to the timber frames may occur. (End of Warranty)