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Increase Home Value

All Seasons double glazing

Improving the overall Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) of your home, improves the value of your property. One of the most effective ways to increase your home’s EER is by installing energy-efficient windows.

A study by the Australian Bureau of Statistics of houses sold in 2006 in Canberra showed that for each increase in a home’s EER by half-a-star, the capital value of the property increased by 2%.

For example, a house currently valued at $700,000 (given it’s current EER), when modification are made to increase the EER by just half-a-star, the property value would increase by 2% to $714,000 according to the ABS 2006 study.​

By adding our independently tested 5 and 1/2 star system your property value could increase by up to 4%.