Double GlazingCanberra

Why All Seasons Retrofit Double-glazing?

Trains, planes and automobiles; loud neighbours and noisy dogs, all these and more can intrude upon your home’s tranquility. Without permission, these unwanted sound-waves invade your home and steal its peace and quiet from you, not to mention your family’s need for good sleep.

By using optical-grade acrylic, All Seasons Retrofit Double-glazing provide a far superior sound insulator than regular glass double-glazing. Be it just one bedroom, or the whole house, starting with 3mm-thick glaze, going right up to the heavy-duty, almost bullet-proof, 10mm-thick glaze, we’ve got your ears covered.

So instead of feeling trapped and tormented, greatly reduce the noise pollution with All Seasons Retrofit Double-glazing and bring back the quality of your home life.