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Your health, happiness and enjoyment of life are dependent on your thermal comfort all year round.

Regardless of age, gender, financial standing or world perspective, if your home is cold in winter, or hot in summer, or both; it will have an impact on your health, happiness and quality of life.

A cold person is seldom a happy person, the same goes for a person who is over-heated and can’t cool off. It stresses the body as it struggles to maintain a healthy core-body temperature. Too cold or too warm robs your body of being able to completely rest and relax, something vital for long-term health.

Restorative sleep is essential for well-being; thermal discomfort and outside noise are some of the leading causes of troubled or broken sleep. Without proper sleep, your health and vitality suffer.

If you find yourself shivering inside during winter, waking during the night because your bedroom is too cold, struggling to sleep during hot summers, sweating while trying to watch TV or being woken by loud noises outside; then please consider being kind to yourself, and to your family by taking action to arrest these negative health and quality of life issues.

Having high-performance windows (both thermally and acoustically) can reduce and even eliminate these issues.  Having under-performing windows guarantees more shivers, more broken sleep, more sweating, and more year round discomfort.


Year Round Thermal Comfort